A parallelizable sequential method for the Biot system

N. Chaabane1,a, B. Rivi erea, Mikhail Sekachevb and Henri Calandrab
aCAAM department, Rice University
bTotal E&P Research & Technology USA, LLC
1E-mail: nc33@rice.edu

Abstract: In [7], a sequential approach was introduced to solve the Biot system where the pressure and displacement variables are decoupled. A stabilization term was added and the discontinuous Galerkin method was used to discretize the equations in space and the backward Euler method was used to discretize the equations in time. The convergence of the method was established both theoretically and numerically. In this work, we run several numerical experiments to further validate this approach. Cases with more complex boundary conditions and realistic input parameters are solved. We also carry out a strong scalability analysis to show the efficiency of this method on supercomputers.

c 2018 European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering

Keywords: Poroelasticity; Biot system; Discontinuous Galerkin; Barry-Mercer; sequential method; parallel implementation
Mathematics Subject Classiffication: 65M60


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