Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis of Neutral Delay Differential Models

Fathalla A. Rihan2
Department of Mathematical Sciences, College of Science,
United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain, 17551, UAE
Received 11 October, 2009; accepted in revised form 21 January, 2010
Abstract: In this short paper, we investigate sensitivity and robustness of neutral delay
differential models to small perturbations in the parameters that occur in the models, using
variational approach. The technique provides a guidance for the modelers to determine
the most informative data for a specific parameter. It may also help modelers to select the
best fit model to the observations.

c 2010 European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering
Keywords: Adjoint; Neutral delay differential equations; Sensitivity; Time-lag
Mathematics Subject Classification: 93A13; 93A30; 34K05; 34K28; 34K40; 45G15; 47N60;
65Y20; 65L2.


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