Effect of Fluid in the Moving Container

K. Kotrasova and E. Kormanikova
Department of Structural Mechanics,
Institute of Structural Engineering,
Civil Engineering Faculty,
Technical University of Ko?ice,
04200 Kosice, Slovakia

Received 31 January, 2019; accepted in revised form 18 March, 2019

Abstract: When a rectangular tank contained liquid vibrates, the liquid exerts hydrodynamic pressure acting onto tank walls and tank bottom. This paper describes theoretical background of effect of fluid in moving rectangular container. The rectangular concrete container excited by the movement of the earth surface was analyzed on the example. The analysis was performed of the fluid effect on solid of container and ground motion effect on liquid filled tank.

� European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering
Keywords: Fluid, container, moving
Mathematics Subject Classification: 00A69, 49Mxx

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