Embedding a General-Purpose Numerical Library in an Interactive EnvironmentDate

of Online Publication: 31/03/2008
Keywords: NAG, Maple, MATLAB
Authors: Mike Dewar
Pages: 17-26
The NAG Library is a collection of 1533 numerical subroutines, comprising almost a million lines of code which has undergone continued evolution, and been exercised by a large user community for over 36 years. It represents a vast knowledge base, whose re-invention is out of the question. Rather, the question is how to make this functionality available in 21st Century environments. To this end, NAG has developed mechanisms to allow its library to be called from both Maple and MATLAB. This paper addresses the general design, software engineering and documentation issues which arise when trying to integrate a large general-purpose C or Fortran Library such as NAG into an interactive environment.


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