Evaluation of Turbulence Models for Flow Over a Thermally Loaded Hill

Ivan Kolo?1, a), Lenka Lausov�1, b) and Vladim�ra Michalcov�1, c)

1V?B – Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Civil Engineering, L. Pod�?t? 1875/17, 708 33 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic

a)Corresponding author: ivan.kolos@vsb.cz, b)lenka.lausova@vsb.cz, c)vladimira.michalcova@vsb.cz

Abstract. CFD models are widely used for modelling of flow over objects, as they provide very good results of the turbulence characteristics of the flow. The aim of the paper is to analyse suitability of selected numerical models of flow in an unstable temperature-stratified boundary layer over the temperature-loaded object. A numerical analysis has been carried out using four turbulence models: Transition SST ?-? model, LES model, SAS model and DES model. The velocity and temperature fields of a single temperature loaded hill are evaluated in horizontal profiles at four levels of the hill on both, the windward and leeward sides.
� European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering


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