Influence of the Air Swirling Speed on the Processes of Joint Combustion of the Fuel-Air Mixture in the Active Combustion Zone of Power Plants

R.V. Fedorov, A.V. Chukalin, V.N. Kovalnogov, U.J. Mizher, M.M. Zamaleev

Department of Heat and Power Engineering,
Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Severny Venets str. 32, Ulyanovsk, 432027, Russia

Received: 01/09/2020, Revised: 15/10/2020, Accepted: 07/12/2020

Abstract: The search for new solutions in the field of energy, preventing negative impact on the environment, is one of the priority tasks for modern society. It is natural gas that has a stable position in the demand of the UES of Russia for fossil fuel. One of the promising areas is the use of biogas as a source of thermal energy for power plants. It has been established that the main difference between biogas and natural gas, which affects the density, calorific value, and speed of flame propagation, is caused by the presence of more than 30% carbon dioxide in its composition. Combined combustion of natural gas and biogas, subject to good mixing due to the tangentially swirling apparatus of the fuel-air mixture, can increase the stability of biogas combustion, reduce the maximum adiabatic temperature in the zone of active combustion of power boilers of TPPs, which in turn will lead to a decrease in the content of NOx, CO2 in products combustion. For the combustion of biogas at the power plants in operation at TPPs of the UES of Russia, it is important to carry out, on the basis of the theoretical data obtained on the effective combustion modes of fuels, the technical re-equipment of the burners. The paper presents a turbulence model k – ? RNG, which makes it possible to simulate the combustion of natural gas and biogas during tangential swirling of the air-fuel mixture. The qualitative characteristics of biogas, the quantitative content of NOx, CO2 in the combustion products, the temperature distribution in the zone of active combustion of fuel combinations – natural gas, biogas, natural gas / biogas is presented.

� European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering
Keywords: Numerical simulation, modeling, biogas, co-combustion, efficiency, emission reduction
Mathematics Subject Classification: 65R20 Numerical methods for integral equations
PACS: 02.60.Cb Numerical simulation; solution of equations


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