Landmark-Based Registration Using a Local Radial Basis Function Transformation

R. Cavoretto2, A. De Rossi3
Department of Mathematics,
University of Turin,
via C. Alberto 10,
I-10123, Turin, Italy
B. Quatember4
Innsbruck Medical University (Radiology),
Anichstrasse 35,
6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Received 19 January, 2009; accepted in revised form 18 December, 2010
Abstract: In this paper we propose the use of a local image transformation involving radial
basis functions for landmark-based registration of medical images. More precisely, we
consider radial basis functions as nodal functions in the modi ed Shepard method. In this
way we obtain an image transformation more accurate and stable than the one given by
the global radial basis functions, as shown by numerical results.
?c 2011 European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering


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