Logical Termination of Work ows: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Gloria Cravo2
Centro de Ci?encias Exactas e da Engenharia,
Universidade da Madeira,
9000-390 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Received 17 January, 2009; accepted in revised form 14 December, 2010
Abstract: In this paper we present a new formalism to study the structure of workflows. A
workflow is an abstraction of a business process that consists of one or more activities that
need to be executed to reach a final objective. Our formalism is based on Graph Theory,
Propositional Logic, and Boolean matrices. Indeed, we model workflows with tri-logic
acyclic directed graphs. Moreover, we analyze the behavior of workflows using a certain
type of Boolean matrices. In particular, we establish a necessary and sufficient condition
for the logical termination of workflows.
Finally, we show that a derived workflow has the same behavior as the original workflow.


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