LQR-PID Control Applied to Hexacopter Flight

A. Alaimo, V. Artale, G. Barbaraci, C.L.R. Milazzo, C. Orlando and A. Ricciardello

Kore University of Enna,Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Cittadella Universitaria – 94100 – Enna

andrea.alaimo@unikore.it, valeria.artale@unikore.it, calogero.orlando@unikore.it, cristina.milazzo@unikore.it, angela.ricciardello@unikore.it

Abstract: In this paper the mathematical model representing the dynamic of a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is studied in order to analyse its behaviour. In order to stabilize the entire system, linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) control is used in such a way to set both PD and PID controls in position variables. A set simulation is performed to carry out the results for linear and non linear models. The LQR-PD and LQR-PID allow to move the plant’s poles of UAV in the left half plane since without controller the systems is unstable. Simulations, LQR-PD and LQR-PID controllers are designed by using Matlab/Simulink. The simulations are performed to show how LQR tuned PD and PID controllers lead to zero the error of the position along Z earth direction, stop the rotation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) around body axes and stabilize the hexarotor.

Keywords: Hexarotor; LQR, PID and PD controller.


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