Mathematical aspects of optimal layout problem of spent nuclear fuel containers on the storage site

Andrii Chugaia, Svitlana Alyokhina a,b, and Andrii Zhuravkab
a Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2/10
Pozharskogo st., Kharkiv 61046, Ukraine, e-mail:
b Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, 14 Nauky ave., Kharkiv 61166, Ukraine

The paper is concerned to the development of an approach which allow us for solving the layout problem of container with spent nuclear fuel on the storage site to apply methods of geometric design. An exact mathematical model of optimal layout problem of spent nuclear fuel containers in the storage site is constructed. Due to phi-function technique the mathematical model is constructed as a non-linear mathematical programing problem. The features of the mathematical model are presented. It is shown that the feasible solution region can be presented as a union of subregion. Each of the subregion is described by systems of inequalities which the left parts are continuous functions. On the bases of features the solution approach is proposed.

Keywords: mathematical modeling, phi-function, NP-hard problem, spent nuclear fuel, layout problems, nuclear safety


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