Numerical Analysis of Bearing Capacity of Soil

S. Harabinova, E. Panulinova, E. Kormanikova
Institute of Structural Engineering,
Faculty of Civil Engineering,
Technical University of Kosice,
042 00 Kosice, Slovakia

Received 31 January, 2018; accepted in revised form 23 July, 2019

Abstract: The strength of soil and the bearing capacity are a keys design parameters in designing foundations and other earth structures. Proper interpretation of shear strength parameters and the application to bearing capacity problems are presented and evaluated in this paper. Theory of bearing capacity is developed, on the basis of plastic theory, by changing the shear strength parameters for cohesive soil. In foundation design, the capacity of the foundation to support footing load is given by the soil�s bearing capacity, which is a function of its strength parameters. The maximum pressure, that the soil can support at foundation level without failure depends on the bearing capacity of soil. The bearing capacity of soil in purely cohesive material changes linear with cohesion resistance. However, the bearing capacity
changes exponential with the angle of internal friction of soil. By comparing obtained results it was founded, that change the angle of internal friction in cohesive soils have more effect on increasing bearing capacity.

� European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering
Keywords: bearing capacity, foundation, failure, strength of soil, cohesive soil, numerical analysis
Mathematics SubjectClassification: 00A69, 49Mxx


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