On the Covariance of Generalized Inverses in C*-Algebra

M.H. Alizadeh2
Department of Mathematics,
Islamic Azad University-Nur Branch,
Nur, P. O. Box: 46415/444, Iran
Received 30 September, 2008; accepted in revised form 8 December, 2010
Abstract: This paper gives a complete characterization of covariance set of regular elements
in a C -algebra. Moreover, it is proved that if a and b are simply polar and regular with
same range ideals, then they have the same covariance sets.
?c 2011 European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering
Keywords: Generalized inverse, Moore-Penrose inverse, Covariance set, C -algebra.
Mathematics Subject Classi cation: 46L05, 15A09


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