Parallel Evolutionary Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem

Date of Online Publication: 27/10/2007
Keywords: Traveling Salesman Problem, Parallel algorithm, Metaheuristics, Optimization
Authors: Wojciech Bozejko, Mieczyslaw Wodecki
Pages: 129-137
In this paper we present a evolutionary algorithm for solving traveling salesman problem (TSP). It deals with testing feasible solutions which are local minima. This method is based on the following observation: if there are the same elements in some positions in several permutations, which are local minima, then these elements are in the same position in the optimal solution. Computational experiments on the benchmark instances from the TSP-Library are presented and compared with the results yielded by the best algorithms discussed in the literature. These results show that the algorithm proposed allows us to obtain the best known results for the benchmarks in a short time.


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