Issues 3-4

On the Covariance of Generalized Inverses in C*-Algebra

Issues 3-4 Volume 05

M.H. Alizadeh2 Department of Mathematics, Islamic Azad University-Nur Branch, Nur, P. O. Box: 46415/444, Iran Received 30 September, 2008; accepted in revised form 8 December, 2010 Abstract: This paper gives a complete characterization of covariance set of regular elements in a C -algebra. Moreover, it is proved that if a and b are simply polar […]

Landmark-Based Registration Using a Local Radial Basis Function Transformation

Issues 3-4 Volume 05

R. Cavoretto2, A. De Rossi3 Department of Mathematics, University of Turin, via C. Alberto 10, I-10123, Turin, Italy B. Quatember4 Innsbruck Medical University (Radiology), Anichstrasse 35, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria Received 19 January, 2009; accepted in revised form 18 December, 2010 Abstract: In this paper we propose the use of a local image transformation involving radial

Logical Termination of Work ows: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Issues 3-4 Volume 05

Gloria Cravo2 Centro de Ci?encias Exactas e da Engenharia, Universidade da Madeira, 9000-390 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal Received 17 January, 2009; accepted in revised form 14 December, 2010 Abstract: In this paper we present a new formalism to study the structure of workflows. A workflow is an abstraction of a business process that consists of one

Finite Difference Finite element and B-Spline Collocation Methods Applied to Two Parameter Singularly Perturbed Boundary Value Problems

Issues 3-4 Volume 05

M.K. Kadalbajoo and A.S.Yadaw2 Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur 208016, India Received 9 December, 2009; accepted in revised form 20 December, 2010 Abstract: The objective of this paper is to present a comparative study of fitted-mesh finite difference method, Ritz-Galerkin finite element method and B-spline collocation method for a

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