Volume 09-10

Rate of convergence estimates for second order elliptic eigenvalue problems on polygonal domains using spectral element methods

Issues 1-2 Volume 09-10

Lokendra K. Balyana,1, Subir Singh Lambab a,bDepartment of Mathematics, IIIT-DM Jabalpur, India 1Corresponding author: E-mail: lokendra.balyan@gmail.com Abstract: In this paper, we present rate of convergence estimates for eigenvalues and eigenvectors of elliptic differential operators on non-smooth domains using non-conforming spectral element methods. We define a class of compact operators on Banach space which is used […]

LQR-PID Control Applied to Hexacopter Flight

Issues 3-4 Volume 09-10

A. Alaimo, V. Artale, G. Barbaraci, C.L.R. Milazzo, C. Orlando and A. Ricciardello Kore University of Enna,Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Cittadella Universitaria – 94100 – Enna andrea.alaimo@unikore.it, valeria.artale@unikore.it, calogero.orlando@unikore.it, cristina.milazzo@unikore.it, angela.ricciardello@unikore.it Abstract: In this paper the mathematical model representing the dynamic of a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is studied in order to analyse its

An Adaptive Finite Element Formulation for the Solution of Second Order Obstacle Problems using Quadratic Lagrange Polynomials

Issues 3-4 Volume 09-10

S. Iqbala, A. R. Ansarib1, A. Javedc and A. M. Siddiquid aDepartment of Computer Science, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Sahiwal Campus, Pakistan. bCentre for Advance Studies in Engineering (CASE), 19-Attaturk Avenue, G-5/1, Islamabad, Pakistan. cDepartment of Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Gulf University for Science & Technology, P.O. Box 7207, Hawally 32093, Kuwait dDepartment of

Kinetic Flows with Chemical Reactions and Nonequilibrium Structures

Issues 1-2 Volume 09-10

V.V. Aristov, A.A. Frolova, S.A. Zabelok Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences Vavilova str., 40, 119333, Moscow, Russia Abstract: Simulations of flows on the basis of kinetic equations for mixtures with chemical reactions are performed. The Nonuniform Relaxation Problems (NRP) are formulated and solved. Unified Flow Solver (UFS) is used for 1D and

Physical-chemical gas-dynamics: challenges and solutions

Issues 1-2 Volume 09-10

Yu.E. Gorbachev 1 , E.G. Kolesnichenko 2 1Research Department, Coddan Technologies LLC, 197342 St. Petersburg, Russia 2Gas Kinetics Lab, Moscow State University, Institute for Mechanics, 117192 Moscow, Russia Abstract: One of the main problems of the non-equilibrium physical-chemical gas-dynamics is considered: derivation of gas-dynamics equations for reactive gas mixtures. By non- equilibrium effects we mean

Unconventional Heuristics for Vehicle Routing Problems

Issues 3-4 Volume 09-10

Eva Volna and Martin Kotyrba1 Faculty of Science Department of Informatics and Computers, University of Ostrava, 30 dubna 22, 70103 Ostrava, Czech Republic 1Corresponding author. E-mail: martin.kotyrba@osu.cz Abstract: The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is one of the most challenging combinatorial optimization tasks. This problem consists in designing an optimal set of routes for a fleet

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