Issues 3-4

Evaluation of Turbulence Models for Flow Over a Thermally Loaded Hill

Issues 3-4 Volume 13

Ivan Kolo?1, a), Lenka Lausov�1, b) and Vladim�ra Michalcov�1, c) 1V?B – Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Civil Engineering, L. Pod�?t? 1875/17, 708 33 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic a)Corresponding author:, b), c) Abstract. CFD models are widely used for modelling of flow over objects, as they provide very good results of the turbulence characteristics […]


Issues 3-4 Volume 13

E.M. Chavkin1, A.N. Fomin1, V.V. Prikhodko1, A.A. Sobolev1, A.V.Zhukov1, P.E. Kapustin1, V.E. Kiryukhin1, D.S. Lavygin1, V.V. Levshchanov1, S.V. Pavlov2, V.P. Smirnov2, V.V. Svetukhin3 1S.P. Kapitsa Technological Research Institute of Ulyanovsk State University, Ulyanovsk, Russia, 2 Sosny Research and Development Company, Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region, Russia 3 SMC �Technological Center�, Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia. Received: 12 November

Structure preserving algorithms for simulation of linearly damped acoustic systems

Issues 3-4 Volume 13

Vasileios Chatziioannou1 1Department of Music Acoustics, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria Received: 22 August 2017 ; Accepted in revised form: 22 January 2020 Abstract: Energy methods for constructing time-stepping algorithms are of increased in- terest in application to nonlinear problems, since numerical stability can be inferred from the conservation of the system

Numerical Analysis of Bearing Capacity of Soil

Issues 3-4 Volume 13

S. Harabinova, E. Panulinova, E. Kormanikova Institute of Structural Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Kosice, 042 00 Kosice, Slovakia Received 31 January, 2018; accepted in revised form 23 July, 2019 Abstract: The strength of soil and the bearing capacity are a keys design parameters in designing foundations and other earth structures. Proper

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