Issues 3-4

A Class of Finite Difference Methods for Solving Inhomogeneous Damped Wave Equations

Issues 3-4 Volume 15

FAZEL HADADIFARD, SATBIR MALHI, AND ZHENGYI XIAO Abstract. In this paper, a class of finite difference numerical techniques is presented to solve the second-order linear inhomogeneous damped wave equation. The consistency, stability, and convergences of these numerical schemes are discussed. The results obtained are compared to the exact solution, ordinary explicit, implicit finite difference methods, […]

Mathematical aspects of optimal layout problem of spent nuclear fuel containers on the storage site

Issues 3-4 Volume 15

Andrii Chugaia, Svitlana Alyokhina a,b, and Andrii Zhuravkab a Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2/10 Pozharskogo st., Kharkiv 61046, Ukraine, e-mail: b Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, 14 Nauky ave., Kharkiv 61166, Ukraine Abstract The paper is concerned to the development of an approach which allow

Convergence and implementation of a fixed-point iterative scheme for the numerical solution of fourth-order BVPs

Issues 3-4 Volume 15

S.A. Khuri1, I. Louhichi, A. Sayfy Department of Mathematics and Statistics, American University of Sharjah – UAE Received 14 January, 2019; accepted in revised form 26 January, 2021 Abstract: In this article, we study a fixed point iteration scheme that involves the Green’s function for the numerical solution of a larger class of fourth order

A new twelfth order trigonometrically-fitted Obrechkoff-like method for second order initial value problems

Issues 3-4 Volume 15

Beny Neta * Naval Postgraduate School Department of Applied Mathematics Monterey, CA 93943 e-mail:, Tel: 1-831-656-2235, Fax: 1-831-656-2355 Received 01/02/2020, Revised 10/12/2020, Accepted 02/03/2021 Abstract: A new trigonometrically-fitted method of order 12 is developed and compared to an existing P-stable method of the same order. Our method fit exactly the sine and cosines functions

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